A slip sloppy day in Cool, CA

Way Too Cool 50K

March 2016

Rewind 2 weeks ago….. our group is running a training run in Cool, CA on the long loop of the course. Someone says, “weather says it should be rainy for race day” to me. I think, “no one can get the weather right 2 weeks out”….famous last thoughts.

Fast forward back to race week, guess what the weather forecast says….yup, rain.  Kaycee and I roll over the hill early in the day, it is POURING over the summit…maybe it’s just up high, and it won’t be raining in Cool?

It is POURING in Cool.

We grab our packets at Auburn Running Co and stand outside under the awning….maybe it will blow over tonight? Grab some dinner, find a glass of wine, make our way over to the OARS lot for a couple of hours snooze. Settling in to listen to the rain all night…maybe it will let up by morning?

Morning comes, and low-and-behold….not raining! Holy crap, I can’t believe it, I thought I was just lying to myself….HooRay! Jill knows a café that is open and serving coffee and burritos, clearly a must before a race (at least the coffee part!)

Still not raining, yippee!

We arrive at the start line, man there are a lot of cars here, glad we got here early! Still not raining! Fingers crossed.

The best part about these semi-local races is that you inevitably run into lots of people you know, so we chit-chat the 90 minutes away until the gun goes off and decide rain-jacket? no rain jacket? rain-jacket? no rain-jacket?



(Photo credit Jill Trent)

We decide to dress light and pack the rain jacket, just in case….and we’re off to the start line! As always my girls never fail with their amazing smiles and energy.

Start line.PNG

(photo credit Kaycee Green)

We quickly find the porta-potties and make our way off to join the crowd for the wave 2 start!


(Photo credit Lauren Watson)

Off and running, it is going to be a great day, it’s not even raining! Mile 2, creek crossing.

Knickerbocker Creek crossing

Ok water, you win, I surrender to being wet all day long. It really isn’t that bad once you surrender and accept the wet. It really is only drizzle, and it’s warm so actually not uncomfortable at all. Right around 4 hours in it really starts raining. The kind of rain that you’re thankful you have a hat on so that brim can pretend to keep the rain out of your eyes. Good thing there has been about 7 creek crossings we’ve already been through so we’re already wet. It rained mostly up until the finish line, but that’s OK, a little mud never hurt anyone!


Not my best time for WTC coming in at just over 7 hours, but all in all it was a good day to be on the trail, the puddles were fun to stomp in, the company was amazing, and the creek crossings were an adventure!


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  1. Jay Pea says:

    Good job M E ! Inspired by your attitude . Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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