Pacing….not Racing

Wasatch Front 100

When a good friend (more like a brother) loses his pacer for the race he’s had his heart set on, an invisible force inside you compels you to help. Whatever it takes, we need to find a solution and get this man a pacer. 

With such short notice it seems like an impossible task, but luckily I have the greatest job in the world and the greatest boss in the world and she lets me take a couple days off the very next week to go out and help. Secondly I have the greatest husband in the world that also says, “yes absolutely” when I ask him if I can go to Park City with Jeff for a weekend to pace him at Wasatch 100.
Jeff’s journey to Wasatch started in 2015 with a DNF and this year he’s looking for redemption. Since then, he’s trained harder than ever and even used TRT100 as a training run, seriously! Check out his write up here:

Ultimately I’ll leave the play by play of race day, night, day to him…but reflecting on the weekend of running and pacing has brought me to one conclusion. Racing (for me at least) takes so much out of you that sometimes you feel a bit empty and ironically somewhat depressed after a big race. I always say after a big race that the body heals quickly, but the heart takes a little longer…..not the physical heart, but the emotional and spiritual one. It takes a little while to WANT to put those shoes back on. To WANT to go for that long run. To WANT to get back out there and get after the training cycle again. 

Pacing on the other hand is the well that fills your heart and soul back up again. Pacing for me is an honor and a privilage and is done purely out of love and friendship. Ultimately there is nothing that makes me happier than to see the ones that I love (family or friends) achieve their goals and slay their dragons.

Congrats Jeff, you slayed Wasatch 100!!




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  1. notownskier says:

    How did I never see this before? What a treat to stumble upon after the awesomeness of our trip over to Auburn this weekend. You’re the best! Can’t wait for the epic journey from Squaw to Auburn in June…you’re well on your way, my friend!

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