Antelope Canyon 55K

This one is a fun one to write about, it all started with a phone call from my Dad about a year ago. Kaycee was out and about on one of her adventures and posted some pictures to Facebook from Antelope Canyon. Shortly afterwards, my Dad gives me a call and wants to know where Kaycee was and expressed interest in going there. From that phone call, one epic adventure was born. Well….doing what we do, we went to Ultrasignup….what race can we run there?

The answer, Antelope Canyon 55K.

So the planning, plotting, and coordinating began over a cup of cheap wine out of a hotel plastic cup the night before TRT….because you know what’s better than focusing on one race? Planning for another!

Fast-forward to February 2017, here we are at race day! Friends coming from all directions to meet up in Page, AZ. Dad has made the trek from Montana, friends coming from Heber City, UT, friends from Pheonix, and of course the Tutu Crew from Reno. This is a two-fer for my Dad who both wants to explore this beautiful place, and to witness “what this running thing is all about” so he gets a front row seat to all the going ons the night before a race. From the packing-unpacking-and repacking of your hydration vest/pack to the flat mes!


Race morning we tutu up and head down to the start line, which is luckily only 10 minutes from our Air-B & B so we got to sleep in a bit!


And my first ever picture with my Dad at a start line! Best start line photo EVER!



The morning started out chilly, but warmed up quickly when we got out into the sun and started working hard through the sand. About 5 miles in we hit the rim of the canyon, it is unbelievable! We get to run around the rim of Horseshoe Bend and it is amazingly gorgeous!

wp-image-1311744263jpg.jpg                wp-image-1471251147jpg.jpg

The pictures don’t do it justice since we were a bit early in the day to get good light into and around the Colorado River. 

Around mile 13 we get into the good stuff, stuff we came for! We scramble down into a slot canyon and make our way through.


It is absolutely breathtaking!

 wp-image-1564230650jpg.jpg     wp-image-1575093776jpg.jpg


20170225_171155.jpg       wp-image-243236378jpg.jpg

After getting out of the slot canyons, it is a bit of a slog through the sand along the powrrlines to get back to the start/finish area where we turn up and take a trip around the Page Rim Trail. This is an amazing section of single track that traverses all around the city of Page and offers views of Lake Powell, the Glen Canyon, and the Glen Canyon Dam.


And finally onto the finish line where we get to enjoy some Navajo tacos and hang out by the fire pits as we wait for all the old friends and new friends made along the way to finish!


(Photo credit: Randy Lindeman)


Finisher award, my new favorite cup handmade and glazed locally!

All in all the best part of this trip was spending time with family and friends, and getting to see an amazing part of this beautiful country. At the end of the day, the running is the reason that we get together but the love and friendship is the reason that we stay!


Relaxing post race, photo credit Jill Andersen

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