The road to Western States!! (Part duex)

February has come and gone and honestly…. I’m happy to see it go.

First half was a tough go, lots more weather…not a lot of sunshine…and oh so many road miles. My body has been hurting, my Vitamin D levels have been low, and I seemingly had zero motivation for running. Thankfully I’ve got an amazing running club that no matter the weather tons of people turn out, and thankfully I have an amazing chiropractor that works wonders on my aching hips and knees that are super angry about the road miles this month! But, we made it through and ultimately were able to get our miles in. Here’s a quick recap: 

Feb 4th, another long run on the road. Although the weather held *mostly* it was definitely a beautiful day but my joy wasn’t in it. Got it done nonetheless, with the help of my friends of course!

First bit of blue sky we’d seen in a while!

Feb 5th..You’ve Gotta Be Crazy Run!

Nothing like a bit of volunteering to set your mind right!

Feb 11, Western States Training run! Now we’re talking! Some dirt under the soles makes for some happiness in the soul! With all the weather and such Jeff, Tiffany and I drove over on today’s sweet camper the night before to beat the snow, mudslides, and traffic! After some late night parking lot schnanegans by some local teenagers we got some sleep and we’re ready to rock and roll!

Wouldn’t be a Saturday run without silliness!!

Reno represent!

Dirt, sweet dirt!!

The American River is PUMPING right now!

I’m coming back for you Robbie Point…you and I…June 25th…see you there.

Oh yeah….and we got some mud and snow in there too, not worry!

Although February was a tough month…I do have to say that we culminated it with a fabulous trip down to Arizona for Antelope Canyon 55k (<–race report here) and had an absolute FABULOUS time! Sun, sand, running, family and friends!!

All in all, February wasn’t so bad, another 150 miles in the running log…..but I sure am looking forward to March and hopefully some springtime weather and sunshine!

Thanks for joining me again this month and I hope you come back again next month for the 3rd installment!

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