The road to Western States (half way baby!)


Oh March…march madness…of running, weather, mud, fun, and friends! They say the 3rd time’s a charm, well in this journey…the 3rd month has been the charm. Sure January was fun, the hype and excitement of starting a new training cycle. February was a bit of “seriously, I’m doing this again?” and “why can’t we have some nice freaking weather”. But March, oh March!

Finally finding my grove with training, recovering, eating, and balancing time with family (not just my running family). Taking time out of the week to spend as a date night with my husband has been refreshing and nice to actually see his face. Taking the time over the weekend to meal prep for the upcoming work week has saved me from cafeteria food. And finding a grove and coming to terms with running either a marathon or a 50K on the weekends. Every. Single. Weekend.

That being said, I’ll keep the dialog to a minimum and the pictures to a maximum since really all I have to say about March is that it was sleep, run, wash the mud off the shoes, eat, sleep, repeat! (also a big thanks to Kaycee for being diligent in taking all those photos!! #striderselfie)



Toll Road…yay! And brrr, why is it always so cold at the start of this run!?!?


Even a little bit on non-running related fun for Mardi Gras!


Hills hills hills hills hills hills, what’s that you say? HILLS!! Big group out for the Thursday night hills! Note the shorts AND headlamps? Come on spring!


Marin Ultra Challenge 50K was amazing! If you want to check out the race report click here!

A nice little treat was to get assigned my bib number for States, I guess it’s for real-real huh?! Bib 167..rolls off the tongue nicely, “167 OUT!”


March 14th, Pie Day baby! 3.14 mile run with the Tahoe Mountain Milers! The closest finisher to 31 minutes and 45 seconds wins a pie! I think I came in right after 32 minutes….dang it. But really, I didn’t need a whole pie to myself….or did I?

Time change means trail time! Wahoo, Tuesday night on the trails for the highroad and the ditch trail…..yay ditch trail…. Sometimes the run isn’t as fun or as easy as you hope it to be, but for this Tuesday night run at least we had this amazing cloud to keep us company! It just kept getting better and better!


Even some young entrepreneurs on a Thursday night run! Best quote of the night, “Way to work that corner boys”! Bahaha!


Hey look! It’s a husband sighting! Told you guys that he was real!


And yeah, sometimes it’s not all smiles, but we get after it anyway.

All in all, March was a good month. Logged about 175 miles and feeling OK. Nothing nagging and feet are holding up.



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