The Road to Western States (4th Edition)

Holy crap, where did the time go, how is it already May!

April has seriously gone by in a flash. So much running, so much laundry, so much eating, so much love and time spend with friends on the trail. At least we’ve finally been able to be consistently on the trails!

Kicked off the month with American River 25, it was pretty awesome. If you’re interested in the details, check out the race report here.

Photo credit Jimmy Watson. Thanks for all the crewing and rides along the way this weekend!

With an early birthday party for the one and only Kaycee we all met up out in Cold Springs for some miles and some fried food! Well, we all were big talk on eating plates and plates of fried food until it arrived then realized that clearly we were not cut out to crush fried food. But it was delicious none-the-less!


All fun and fried food aside, the theme for April was Canyons, Canyons, Canyons! Gearing up for Canyons 100K we spent lots and lots of time driving over the hill and tackling those climbs.

Photo Credit Annie Trent as we try to beat the storm and get some miles in the Canyons before it starts raining!

Yeah, no, we weren’t able to out run Mother Nature after all! Good thing we brought our rain jackets!

Even snuck in a day at MT Rose with the one and only D Nice! I swear, next year all in doing is skiing in the winter, soooo over missing out on powder days!

Some practice running downhill? Toll Rd it is!

Go home winter, you’re drunk!

Still making the best of it though!


Some Canyons virgins and some Strider/DPMR collaboration for some miles out of Foresthill.



These Canyons are both beautiful and intimidating!


El Dorado Creek sure is pumping this time of year!

Some hill repeats on Toll Road? Sure, toss some of those in there too!


Photo credit Suzy Heinz, you’re really getting the hang of that #striderselfie!

Whaaaat, jeans on a Saturday? Must be taper time for Canyons. What better way to spend it than volunteering at Prison Hill!

Even S. Kelly’s getting the hang of it! 

What a great crew, thanks everyone for helping out at the top of the hill!

Even some early birthday fun for the one and only Jill Anderson! 🐈🐱

Don’t forget to do your trailwork! 

Finally, April 28th we all head over the hill to make some memories for Canyons 100K.


A sushi lunch in Reno, then we all caravan over to Auburn!

April 29th, Canyons is here!


It was a tough and amazing day on the trail, if you want the full race report, check it out here!

So much running for April, let’s hope the weather sobers up for May!

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