The Road to Western States (5/6); May is Moving Month!

In more ways that one, geeze!

These past 6 weeks (yes I know May is only 4 weeks long, but this whole side project started in mid April) have been the MOST stressful 6 weeks of my entire life. In a good way, yes. But STRESSFUL none-the-less.

Mid April we put in an offer on the house of our dreams….and the offer was accepted! Now we get to play the “hurry up and wait” game. Hurry up and sign this thing RIGHT NOW…..and then wait for 2 weeks and hear nothing…..hurry up and sign this thing RIGHT NOW…and then hear nothing back for 5 days.


May is also moving month (according to John) for Western States too. It is the month to lay it all on the line, no holds barred, so much running. I have a big month ahead of me and a lot of it has to be spent alone because of these house buying commitments and constraints.

Wake up, go to work, get off work and run the routes early, go meet our realtor, get home late, try to eat something and go to bed.

Wake up, go to work, get off work and run the routes early, go meet our loan officer, get home late, try to eat something and go to bed.

Wake up, go to work, get off work and run the routes early, go meet our realtor again, get home late, try to eat something and go to bed.

Wake up, go to work, get off work and run the routes early, go meet our inspectors for the new house, get home late, try to eat something and go to bed.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

This is how the past 6 weeks have gone. Running has become the only thing that makes sense and has stability right now.

Coming off Canyons and right back into training, no rest for the wicked.


29 miles on the Silver State 50 mile course scoping out what the trails and roads look like. There’s a lot of destruction from the water this winter, but the course still exists….and the wildflowers are out in force!

Some of the roads are under water or deeply cut into up through Whale Rock Meadow and the backside of Peavine.

The road back in Long Valley has taken a beating as have the single tracks coming out of Dog Valley and back to Ranch Creek.

A little Thursday night run with this lady? Of course!!


Thank you Kaycee for always being so amazing and training by my side! I also broke out the Western States tank that Jackie gave me over the winter, I’m feeling more confident by the day!

Another Saturday, another 29 miles on the Silver State 50 mile course.


A cold morning at the start, hopefully it warms up soon! But since it did freeze overnight it led to some amazing ice cycles and ice formations up on Peavine.


Frozen crust with trickles running underneath (left) and some ground thaw happening before our eyes (right)


Some fun miles of marking the Silver State Half Marathon course the week before race day! (photo credit: Kaycee Green)


Weekend of Silver State 50 miler! (race report here for that guy!)

Memorial Day Weekend Training Camp is here! I’m both nervous and excited for the big miles and a bit of facing the truth whether training has actually paid off or it’s been all for naught. Friday we head over and grab some dinner at the Auburn Ale House and plan on camping in the Foresthill parking lot. Always fun times camping with Tiffany and Jeff, plus we can just wake up, drink coffee and get on the buses! There is about 8 miles of snow and the buses can only get us to about 4 miles down from Robinson Flat Campground. We’ve got to cover the last bit on foot.



We even get an accidental selfie with Jim Walmsley as he flies past us in some short shorts and no shirt! (photo credit X2 above: Tiffany Brown Anderson)


Still a bit of snow at the campground! The sign reads, “Take a gander at the toilets under the snow here. Craig wanted to make sure you got a chance to see these. You ask us, it’s kind of weird him asking that, but who are we to question the RD? If he asks, just say you saw it all.” Ahahaha

But the flowers and the wild grass is out and amazing!

Some beautiful single track dropping us down into Swinging Bridge. (photo credit Tiffany Brown Anderson *right*)

Soaking in all the creeks! And Lon says, “if you don’t swim in the Canyons you won’t make it to Auburn” First under Swinging Bridge, then in El Dorado, and lastly in Volcano!


And hey! Swimming in the Canyons is an experience best shared with friends!! This taken shortly after Tiffany fell into my arms and Jeff fell on his ass!


Oh those feet, they take me places!

And come May 30th we said good bye to our little house.

18738900_1486992267990378_4472158273963793709_o (1)

It was good to us over the past few years and now it’s time to pass it along to the next family. A good solid  3 days of packing, moving, and unpacking to cap off the month, but dang…totally worth it just to be able to drink my morning coffee here!

Phew, that went by in a flash…..June here I come!!!



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