Eight is Great!

Another year, another CIM I suppose! This year is a bit different after all the highs (and all the lows) of Western States I’ve had a hard time getting back into the swing of things. It also probably didn’t help that I took 10 weeks off of running to pursue my trail building ambitions.  But hey, when you’ve got a streak going, you might as well keep it going.

So I train a little bit, you know, a 12 miler, then a 16 miler, then a 22 miler, then race day…it’ll be fine!


Plus when everyone else has been training but you haven’t, you get to spend your long run meandering around Reno to find your 22 miles.

Race weekend comes and luckily there is no snow over the pass, maybe some rain after but thankful for easy traveling at least to. We head over early to catch the Western States live lottery. I’m not in the lottery this year so it’s more for the fun and extra fingers crossed for many of my friends.

So many Reno and Tahoe peeps are drawn, the lottery must have been making up for the skunk that it gave us last year!

Afterwards is the typical Ikeda’s stop for some grub then we head to Sacramento for packet pickup.

Easy traffic.

New hotel that’s in a better location than the one we used to frequent.

No lines at packet pickup.

Thai food nearby the hotel.

Things are going “too easy” according to Michael, but it’ll be fine I’m sure…

We get tucked into the hotel and get our gear together for tomorrow. Should be a nice relief of partly cloudy and 55 degrees. Much like everything else (except the training part) it’s perfect!


I even get Michael to make a Flat-Me with me! Haha!

Race morning and it’s looking to be a great day. Forecast is still partly cloudy with a high of 55. We load up on the buss to head to the start line. As we watch the runners load we see someone who looks like he’s not really a runner…but not wanting to judge anyone for their pre-race routine/outfit we just watch as he loads the bus. This particular “runner” proceeds to find a seat and promptly fall asleep in the seat, so there’s that…..hey, maybe he didn’t get enough sleep last night. Still not judging.

The door closes, and the smell starts to fill the bus. Starting to think that my initial judgment was correct and this man is not a runner. Pretty sure he’s looking for a free ride to anywhere.

We get to the start line and our “runner” gets up, shuffles off the bus and everyone breathes a sign of relief (and fresh air). We get a little giggle out of it and continue to huddle in the bus’s warmth until closer to the start line, I hope our “runner” friend found some free coffee and maybe some donuts.

24232045_1683096698379933_4574898393522263881_n (1)

Good ol’ pre-race selfie with my handsome guy!

The gun goes off, the race begins, and lo-and-behold everything was indeed fine! Ran just over 5 hours which is pretty good I think for not training…plus I had to drink the free beer at mile 24!  And take pictures of the fun signs along the course! 24294035_1683096765046593_7474464530735617127_n


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