Off the Couch is Fun….

Marin 50K March 10th, 2018

After Western States I’ve not really wanted to run. I did my internship with TRTA and still love being on the trail, just not so much the running part. I still sign up for races though, figure that if I keep trying the passion will return.

Marin 50K, I did it last year, and it was awesome! Signed up for it this year since I had so much fun last year. That and everyone else was doing it, peer pressure is a hell of a thing.

January: Definitely skied more than I ran…oops! Alaska was fun though!27750548_1749503825072553_6388516157369082216_n

And beautiful! 27458988_1749503535072582_1496251178555818135_n

February: Definitely skied more than I ran….oops!Capture

Aw crap, it’s March…guess I should go to Mammoth to ski for the weekend, taper right? Plus it was dumping in Mammoth!Capture

Dang it, race day.

5 of us pile into Kaycee’s van and hit the road. Favorite quote of the van ride was “Never thought I’d be in my 30’s, piled in a mini van driving to the bay area for a trail race” ~Lauren


We make it to San Francisco and crash at Stacie Riddle’s house, thanks Stacie!!


Race morning just like every other race morning. Except I haven’t trained for this race. Hoping that the 7 hours of skiing bell to bell that I’ve been doing will carry me through 7 hours of running in a day….

It’ll be fine!

We all toe the line and I start running up the first hill. I’m so excited to be running! (kind of..I guess…yeah, I’ll admit it) I’m so excited that I lose Kaycee in the crowd, dang it, we were going to run together. At the top of the hill I wait for her and see all my favorite people pass by that are on a mission today, GO STRIDERS!!


It is so beautiful out today…running through the fog, listening to the fog horns, generally enjoying myself knowing that I don’t have an agenda today other than to finish.

Kaycee and I have talked about what today will look like. I say, “go run your own race, you’ve got big plans” she says, “I need to hike, we’ll both just hang out all day”.

She’s been training, I’ve not been.

I say, ” I know that you told me not to say this, but I want you to run your own race. Put it this way, we ARE training for TRT…you’re the runner and I’m the pacer. Sometimes the runner drops the pacer and that’s OK.” She says, well what about you? I say, “a pacer never drops her runner”.

We share a silent moment and I hope that I didn’t offend her.

Up a hill, down a hill, up a hill, down a hill. Having a bit of fun…I guess.

Luckily the day isn’t heating up like it did last year, the fog is hanging on. So much so that I can’t wear my sunglasses at all, they’ve just got so much moisture on them. Oh well.

Muc 50K 3

It’s a pretty fun day so far, Kaycee is crushing it and she takes off. Heidy and I run along together yo-yo-ing eachother. I pass her on the uphill, she passes me on the downhill. Having a great time!

Right before we get to Muir Beach AS we see Kaycee coming the other way, coming out of the Aid Station. I am so psyched for her, she ate at the aid station, got out of there fast and is well on her way! A quick hug and she’s off!

Heidy and I get into the aid station and start doing our thing. Then the volunteer asks what mile we’re at, “14” and he said, “you go out that way”…(not the way that Kaycee went). I’m that runner and ask, “are you sure? We don’t go back across the bridge?” He says, “not unless you’re at mile 22 already”

Oh shit, Kaycee went the wrong way. She “pulled a Walmsley” …there’s no way I can catch her to tell her.

I pull out my phone. Call her. Text her. No reception. Damn.

Well, what can you do but hope that she figures it out? Heidy and I move on speculating on what Kaycee will do.

Will she realize it and back track?

Will she get all the way to Tennessee Valley and need to somehow make up 7 miles?

Will she get to the finish line and have to make up 7 miles?

I hope she’s OK and not lost, lost?! Heidy and I continue trucking along up the hill, not sure what else we can do.


Oh, hey! A photographer!

Up to the top and back down the other side. Running along and (of course) Heidy passes me on the downhill. “Washing the car, washing the car”

A couple miles later I hear Heidy squeal, oh no, what happened!!

Kaycee has arrived! HooRay!!! Sounds like she made it to the top of the next hill (mile 22-25) and realized the mistake so turned around, came back down the hill and backtracked to find us. Geeze!

Kaycee, you are running so, so strong right now! 

We make it back to Muir Beach and in and out we’re on our way. Kaycee and I keep pace till almost the top of the hill then she drops me again. I guess that’s what training looks like! I literally never see her again until the finish line.

Heidy and I meet back up at Tennessee Valley Aid Station and Heidy has an out-of-body experience with a cup of Coke and we start out up the hill.

MUC 50K 2

Oh look, another photographer!

I make it up the hill, down the hill, up the last hill, and down to the finish line. I love this finish line! You can see the runners coming for a long ways and you can hear the cheers for miles, it is awesome!

4 minutes faster this year than last year, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Well, off the couch is apparently the way to go….

We stay, we cheer, we enjoy all the love that being a Strider offers!

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  1. jenellep says:

    Love ALL of this, Michelle! Except the Kaycee going the wrong way part.
    Pretty amazing that your time was better this year- apparently skiing IS good cross training. 🙂
    Such a fun weekend for all of you- from the ride, to the house-ful at Stacie’s house, to the fun on the trail, to the party afterwards. That’s what it’s all about!

    Liked by 1 person

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